Track Vehicles Online

Track your vehicles current location

...or check where it's been. Guidepoint's easy-to-use Web interface lets you track location, speed and direction with the click of a mouse. Pinpoint current or historical stops. Receive notification when your vehicle departs or arrives at a designated location. Maximize trip routing with up-to-date mapping and online navigation tools. Plus, Guidepoint's 24/7/365 response center is ready to assist if your vehicle is ever stolen or its driver needs emergency help. No other GPS system on the market today offers the Guidepoint's combination of tracking, safety and security for vehicle owners.

Guidepoint's Online Vehicle Tracking services plans are the ideal solution for business owners, fleet operators, concerned parents of teen drivers, adult children of aging parents, rental car agencies, construction contractors, distribution companies or car enthusiasts. Check out these services:

Guidepoint T-1

  • Online Vehicle Tracking. Locate your vehicle up to five times each month on Guidepoint's secure, easy-to-use Website. Additional locates can be purchased online or via our 24/7/365 response center.
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Emergency Assistance. If your vehicle is ever stolen or its
    driver needs emergency help, just call 1-877-GPS-FIND. We'll work with law enforcement to recover the vehicle or dispatch emergency services to its exact location if needed.
  • Nationwide coverage. Guidepoint operates on the Cingular® Edge GPRS/GSM network for complete coverage in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
  • Transferable. If you sell or trade in your vehicle, your Guidepoint can be transferred
    easily to your next car or truck.
  • Selectable Features. Add security and convenience with selectable features including remote door unlock, starter disable or remote start. (Requires additional parts and

Guidepoint T-2

(Includes all T-1 features)

  • Unlimited Vehicle Tracking. Check your vehicle's current location, speed and direction on Guidepoint's secure, easy-to-use Website.
  • Virtual Odometer. Automatically calculates and updates your mileage so you can track it online.
  • Low-Battery Notification. Automatic notification if your battery falls below 10.5 volts.
  • OnCall/Panic Button (optional). Get help on the road at the touch of a button with Guidepoint's exclusive OnCall™ service. Access the 24/7/365 response center with the OnCall button, which can be installed in your vehicle's dash at your request.

Guidepoint T-3

(Includes all T-2 features)

  • Stop Reporting. Track each time your vehicle stops, the amount of time spent at each
    stop, and miles logged between stops.
  • Automated Vehicle Reporting. Automatically logs your vehicle's location, direction and speed every hour when the vehicle is being driven.
  • History Reporting. Retrievable log of all historical location, direction, speed and stop
    report data. Can be downloaded in a variety of formats.
  • Landmarking. Set up your own landmarks to track your vehicle's proximity to important
    locations. Simply enter the address and name of location, then view the vehicle and landmark on Guidepoint's Web-based maps.
  • Notification. Receive instant notification via email or text message when a driver arrives
    or departs from a designated landmark.
  • Dispatching. Check one or more vehicles to see which is closest to a designated
    address to make dispatching more efficient.