Auto Dealers

How Guidepoint works for you?

Protect Your Inventory...

Limit your liabilities and increase your efficiency while seamlessly transferring into a profitable product your customers will value.


Asset Management. Protection Now. Profit Later.

Choose a product backed with expert engineering, innovative technology and worldwide 24/7 employee staffed member services and tech support.

Prevent theft and increase bottom line.

Recognized as top-ranked product among all of the leading North American original equipment and aftermarket suppliers of stolen vehicle tracking services.


Simple Plug & Play method that takes up to 15 minutes to install. Installation assistance and training is available.

Guidepoint personnel will execute full scale training for your Sales, Finance, Administration, parts and service departments.

Exclusive Dealer Benefits:

  • Manage your vehicles with a personalized dashboard.
  • Protect your assets from theft..
  • Simplify floor plan verification.
  • Speed and pre set boundary alerts.
  • Low battery alerts.
  • Create vehicle usage reports.
  • Lower Dealer Insurance Liability.
  • Ability to create vehicle groups. (demos, rentals, loaners, etc.)