A: Optimized for Electric Vehicles (EV)

The future of EV is happening today as businesses all over the world prepare for the transformation of going from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles to EV. Maintaining electric vehicles will require the management of key variables such as Vehicle State of Charge (SOC), maximum charge level, High Voltage (HV) battery state of health and battery preconditioning to name a few. With Guidepoint and FleetMovil, you can rest assured that your EV fleet will be ready to face the challenges your business requires. Advanced range optimization and dynamic range mapping are equally important to the maintenance and health of your EV fleet. Guidepoint leverages the most advanced journey optimization software for EV route planning that also factors in climate conditions, topography, terrain, traffic patterns and vehicle payloads to optimize uptime.

B: Ensure Optimal Vehicle Health and Finance Management

When your business depends on the availability of your vehicles- uptime is key. Access to OEM embedded data ensures early access to Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), battery life and other predictive maintenance attributes to ensure your vehicles remain safely on the road. Through the use of sensors, FOTA communications and AI, Guidepoint is able to provide an optimal service scheduling solution for your fleet to augment the reliability of your remote operations. For certain vehicles, Guidepoint can provide remote lock/unlock, remote car start, etc.

C: Driver Safety with Driver Management

Guidepoint’s driver safety scorecards help provide valuable feedback to your drivers to ensure their safety. Distracted driving alerts, visual feedback, audio alerts and periodic reports all help to ensure drivers are aware of their performance as well as opportunities for improvement. Guidepoint’s solutions are capable of Accident Reconstruction with or without the need for Vehicle Cameras. Optional cameras powered by AI combine with video integration to provide Passive Safety Notification along with real-time alerts to improve driver safety and feedback. Digital Key Sharing also ensures that drivers assigned to a vehicle are the only ones with access, while fleet managers have the flexibility to reassign as needed in real time with the use of electronic Driver IDs.

D: Enterprise Grade Solutions to Manage the Job

Whether you require basic vehicle tracking, or sophisticated command interaction with your fleet such as vehicle lock/unlock, remote start, immobilization, or management of PTO’s, Guidepoint has your back. With advanced reporting capabilities that capture fuel economy, idle time, duty cycle and driver behavior such as harsh braking and speeding, an enterprise grade solution from Guidepoint will keep you notified. Route optimization solution options are available to lower fuel consumption and maximize efficiency, as well as vehicle theft alerts that are monitored 24/7/365 by professional SVR staff. Your ICE or EV fleet will be ready to provide you and your business with optimal performance and world-class customer support.

Key Feature

01. Fuel Management

Fuel is one of the highest cost-drivers for maintaining and operating a fleet, Guidepoint’s Fleet Solutions will help you reduce and predict this operational expense for your Stellantis Fleet. Using Guidepoint’s FMS reports you can easily analyze fuel consumption over a given period of time and compare it to the standard fuel consumption rate of other vehicles in your fleet. Information such as the time of service, fuel refilling, location and quantity are among the variables available at your fingertips.

Key Feature

02. Maintenance Tracking

Keep your Stellantis fleet operating like new with Guidepoint’s Maintenance Tracking Reports. Managing and scheduling your vehicle maintenance has never been easier, automatic reports keep you on track by capturing the location of service, cost, odometer, engine hours and service duration for your entire fleet. Upcoming maintenance alerts allows you to manage your fleet budget proactively, stay ahead of costly repairs, and lower operational costs by providing vehicle maintenance when needed to keep your drivers safe.

Key Feature

03. Workflow Management

A fleet management workflow is simply a measurable and repeatable process utilized to manage commercial fleets with the aim of achieving predictable results. Guidepoint’s Fleet Management Systems allow for a variety of workflows that include: Driver, Maintenance, Dispatch, Training, Inspections and Cargo Delivery to name a few. Workflows are easy to setup and maintain, as well as use by drivers and key members of the organization.

Manage your Stellantis Vehicles using existing OEM Data

Your Stellantis vehicles are factory-equipped with built-in telematics and rich data. Guidepoint Systems has integrated solutions that access this information to provide you with a comprehensive Fleet Management Solution. Lower your fuel costs, increase productivity, and optimize your fleet utilization.

No Hardware Installation Required

In partnership with Free2move and Stellantis, Guidepoint Systems provides real-time fleet management solutions to address your operational requirements. No hardware installation is required, simply the VIN numbers of your vehicles are needed to conveniently access and manage your fleet and have full control over your assets.

Customize your Solution to meet Your Requirements

With Guidepoint’s user-friendly UI and integration with Free2move, commercial fleet managers can locate and track all vehicles 24/7 and analyze custom, real-time key performance metrics for their Stellantis vehicles. Guidepoint’s fleet management systems allows rapid data analysis to ensure optimal decisions and performance to improve your bottom line.

Reduce Risk & Costs by Improving Driver Behavior

Driver behavior has a significant impact on the amount of fuel each vehicle uses. Driving too fast, leaving the vehicle idling, or taking unnecessary long routes all lead to higher fuel use. Guidepoint’s Fleet Management Solutions for Stellantis Fleets helps reduce the amount of fuel wasted while vehicles idle, lower CO2 emissions, and lower your Fuel Costs.

User-Friendly Reports & Management Interface

With easy-to-understand insights, reports and interfaces, fleet managers can observe and improve the driving behavior of their drivers as well as manage the maintenance of vehicles to ensure a safe and efficient operational experience for the company. Customizable reports are available via the web portal, smartphone app, integrated APIs, or automated reports available to key stakeholders within the organization.

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