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Vehicle Owners


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Please call the Call Center @ 1-877-477-3463 to report an issue.
Shows your vehicle’s most recent location. Shows where your vehicle has been driven, along with a generalized route on a daily basis.
The vehicle has not been driven in the past week, or there may be an issue with the account. Please access the website for detailed reports or call us @ 1-877-477-3463 to report an issue.
Select the calendar and choose a highlighted date. Dates older than 4 weeks, please access the website at to pull the history older than 4 weeks.


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Click and hold on the blue pinpoints to adjust location and size.

My Vehicle(s)

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Certain plan types allow multiple vehicles in an account. Contact the Call Center by Email or 1-877-477-3463 to update your account.
Valet puts a temporary geofence around your vehicle that alerts you if the vehicle moves more than a short distance away.


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Assistance connects you and your phone’s location with Guidepoint’s Call Center.


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VIP is a smash and grab alert. We will call you if something impacts your vehicle.
Due to many variables between installations and vehicle types, we have a sensitivity adjustment to help determine the right sensitivity for you. If it goes off too easily, try lowering the sensitivity. If it doesn't go off when expected, try raising the sensitivity.
Turn the ignition off, then enable the VIP toggle in the app, the VIP is now armed. To turn it off, turn the ignition on and drive. Turning on the ignition automatically disables the alert.
Make sure it’s turned on. The VIP will automatically disable after the car is driven.

Dealer Help

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Check the connection of the device in the vehicle, make sure it’s fully connected and wait 5 minutes for it to get on the network. If you are still unable to locate your vehicle, contact our Call Center for further assistance by: Email or 1-877-477-3463.
Select “forgot password” in the app and reset your password. If you are still unable to log in to your account, contact Guidepoint’s Call Center by: Email or 1-877-477-3463.
Make sure the installation has been completed on this device, either by using the installation app, or by contacting Guidepoint’s Call Center by: Email or 1-877-477-3463.
Usually, it’s that customers have purchased these vehicles, but the dealership has yet to complete the registration process.