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Guidepoint Systems has teamed up with Intersection Technologies to provide F&I Express to dealerships.

Guidepoint Systems has launched a new initiative to provide auto dealerships in the United States and Canada with a service that saves time and errors when filling out the paperwork in selling Guidepoint products and services.

Thanks to a new relationship with a Texas software company, the Finance and Insurance (F&I) departments at dealerships can streamline the process of setting up contracts for Guidepoint products or services – supporting the most popular menu or Dealer Management System (DSM) they use in-house.

“We estimate that dealerships will save at least 10 minutes on each initial transaction using the F&I Express® software, and who knows how much more time and hassle they will save on errors and further administration,” said Tom Gafford, chief technology officer and corporate vice president of marketing at Guidepoint.

Gafford said Guidepoint has just successfully completed a pilot program with two dealerships and is now offering the new service to its existing and prospective client base. Dealerships can learn more general information about the F&I Express software by visiting Intersection Technologies Inc. and can sign up for the service by contacting their Guidepoint sales representatives.

Based in Grapevine, Texas, Intersection Technologies was the 2017 Dealers’ Choice Award Diamond Winner in the F&I Technology Category given out by publishers of Auto Dealer Today and F&I and Showroom magazines.

The company said that its F&I Express® package can seamlessly integrate with the most recognizable names in menu and DMS programs that dealerships use, including Reynolds & Reynolds, Dominion Dealer Solutions and Dealertrack.

“We considered several software packages to help our dealerships to achieve fast and error-free eContracting for their sales, and F&I Express easily came out on top,” Gafford said. “We want Guidepoint dealerships to have the best possible tools to sell our products and services.  We approach this is a mutually beneficial arrangement with them.”

Gafford said dealerships can reap higher profits and improved customer satisfaction from mastering eContracting techniques in operating their businesses because eContracting reduces administration costs, errors and reporting times.

“We are encouraging all of our customers to sign up to use F&I Express®,” he said. “It should be a no-brainer for them – no cost, integrates seamlessly with their existing systems and improves administration on the F&I function. What’s not to like?”

With headquarters in Madison Heights, Mich. and main operational facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, Guidepoint is a Tier 1 OEM supplier, owns and operates response centers staffed 24/7/365 in the United States and Mexico to provide a wide range of services for rental car companies, dealerships, commercial fleet managers and individual vehicle owners. Guidepoint customer service representatives personally handle notifications of impact, theft, driver emergencies and concierge services.

To learn more about Guidepoint systems for the individual and commercial markets, please call (877) 477-3463 or write to [email protected].