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To ring in the New Year right, Guidepoint Systems has delivered a free and powerful website upgrade that helps parts and service employees nationwide to better manage vehicle rentals programs and get retail customers out the door sooner.

Guidepoint automatically has upgraded the software of its rental car application of LTE accounts so that parts and service employees can enter information into standard rental forms that automatically record data in the system and provide retail customers with complete rental agreements that include legal verbiage.

The new software is available now to any dealership with an LTE account using the loaner car application with Mopar EVTS, Nissan VRTS and Guidepoint private label manufacturered products. Dealerships don’t have to do anything special to access the upgrade rental agreement system, said Bryan Reynolds, VP-Western District for Guidepoint sales and support.

“We saw a real need for this application because more and more dealerships are getting into the rental business, but they haven’t developed good methods of tracking the vehicles,” Reynolds said. “Many dealerships still used the old method of tracking rental cars on a dry erase board in someone’s office. And if someone doesn’t know better and erases the board, you’re screwed.”

The new upgrade makes it a snap to list all of the rental cars in the fleet, determine where they are on a map for floor plan inventory purposes, and fill out forms to cut the time it takes for retail customers to leave the dealership.

Dealerships with LTE accounts will see the rental car button at the bottom of the homepage dashboard. Dealership personnel only have to fill in the pertinent information in a convenient form that has a drop down menu with stock numbers of all rental vehicles, calendars for selecting date check out and return dates, a time clock that punches the exact time that the form was entered and a standard legal rental agreement.  Some programs even can self populate the milage on the vehicle and amount of fuel in its tank.

“We tested the legal verbiage in several states and dealers should check the language to make sure it conforms with their procedures, but we feel we’ve covered a lot of the legal aspects that will concern most dealers,” Reynolds said.

“All of this adds up to a smoother experience for the retail customers,” he added. “Parts and service personnel work everyday with people who are not overly happy to being with because their cars are broken.  Anything that can help elminate wait times or make their lives just a little bit easier is a big deal.”

For more information on the upgrade, contact your Guidepoint sales rep or call (877) 477-3463 .